Just. One. Word.

0 Comments 16 June 2014

By Michelle Marchildon.   There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; Not going all the way, and not starting.  -  Buddha   Just. One. Word. That’s all it Takes to Make A Better Class. Theming is hard. In fact, most people would rather do anything other than speak in […]

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5 steps to take your yoga biz virtual

0 Comments 10 June 2014

By Kate Connell. The world of online yoga has exploded. There are online group-led classes, therapeutic one-on-one sessions schedule via Skype, and teacher trainings ranging in subject from adjustments and assists to teaching private yoga. And there is a slice of the yoga mat for all of us! This list is a short-cut guide to […]

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Tips for Teaching the Gunas

0 Comments 01 June 2014

By Hari-kirtana das. The gunas – the three qualities of material nature – are a secret hiding in plain sight. Sattva (purity, goodness, and knowledge), rajas (action, passion, and attachment), and tamas (inertia, ignorance, and oblivion) are present everywhere. But because they’re affecting us we can’t easily see them. It’s a little like trying to […]

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Children's Yoga, Resources, Style-Specific

5 Tips for Teaching Teen Athletes

0 Comments 19 May 2014

by Deb Bowen. While working to complete my YTT teaching hours, I decided to practice my new skills on my 13 year old son and his basketball team.   He recently recovered from a sports related overuse injury and I knew  yoga would provide him with much needed flexibility, body awareness and relaxation. I spent […]

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6 Things To Ask From Your Students

0 Comments 12 May 2014

By Kate Connell. We don’t often think of how we can tap into our relationships with our students in order to further serve others. It can take some time and some finesse to turn interactions with your students into valuable gems of growth for your mission: to serve a greater collective of people through yoga. […]

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Modifications, Resources, Style-Specific

Yoga for Seniors

0 Comments 12 May 2014

by Kathryn Boland.  Yoga in the Senior Care Context – Instructors’ Opportunities, Challenges, and Potential Positive Impact Yoga is becoming increasingly practiced, and appreciated for, its powerful potential to offer diverse practitioners healing and empowerment for the body, mind, and spirit. There are, arguably, unfortunate cultural views of seniors as too “frail” to engage in […]

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Philosophy, Resources

Mudra: Not Just Something Groovy to Do with Our Hands

1 Comment 06 May 2014

By Bernadette Birney. For many people, a meditative figure seated in Lotus Pose–hands upturned upon the lap with forefinger and thumb touching—is the stereotypical image of a yogi. But mudra isn’t just something groovy to do with our hands! It’s actually a teaching—a fundamental, philosophical, tantric teaching in which the hands act as an outer […]

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Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight: Elena Brower

0 Comments 30 April 2014

By Brittany Gagné. Eloquence inspired by Elena Brower. “E” is for Eloquence. “E” is for Elena. Elena Brower inspires Today’s Takeaway because she is the quintessence of eloquence.  The word “eloquent” means: the practice or art of using language with fluency and aptness.  Notice that it does not state that the words must be big and glamorous, […]

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