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4 Holiday Yoga Games for Kids

1 Comment 10 December 2013

holiday yoga games for kidsWhether you are a certified children’s yoga teacher, or have a few kids of your own running around at home, these yoga games are sure to get kids of all ages in the holiday spirit! Not sure what holidays the children in your class celebrate? Don’t worry … these games all focus on a winter theme instead of any one holiday specifically.

Blessings In A Bag

ALL holidays are a great time to teach children to be grateful for all of the blessings in their lives.

What you need:
Brown paper lunch bags (1 for each child, and yourself!)
Small paper squares (up to 10 for each child, maybe more!)
Crayons, markers or colored pencils.

To play:
Have each child write their name on the front of their blessings bag and then decorate it any way they would like by writing things or drawing pictures. (If you want to get really creative and you are not worried about making a mess you can provide them with other arts and crafts items to decorate their bags (glitter, foam pieces, cut out shapes, etc.) After they have decorated their bags you can pass out the paper squares and have the kids write (or draw) on their squares the things they are grateful to have in their lives. Tell them they can chose from people, places, items, anything that they feel happy to have. If they get stuck or can’t come up with anything, lead by example! Show them what you are writing or drawing on your own squares. After they have come up with as many as they can, have them put all of their squares into their blessings bag to take home and tell them when they get home to take out the squares and share them with their parents/siblings/caretakers to show others how much they have to be grateful for. Remind them that they can add more squares to the bag every time they think of something else to be thankful for!

Reindeer Dancing

This fun and festive game is set to holiday tunes!

What you need:
Upbeat holiday music
Space for dancing!

How to play:
Have the kids spread out around the room so there is plenty of space for everyone. Explain the rules of the game before you begin: when you press play and the tunes are flowing, the kids are free to do their reindeer dancing around the room. (Be sure to tell them where the boundaries are so they don’t wander off someplace they shouldn’t be!) Let them use their imagination to dance however they think a reindeer would! When you press pause and the music stops the kids freeze in a reindeer yoga pose: sleeping reindeer, flying reindeer, reindeer doing tree pose! Get silly with it! You can pick the pose in advance and announce at the start of each round, or let them make up their own poses as they go.

The Giving Game

This arts & crafts game is a fun way to introduce the kids to each other, make new friends and discover the importance of giving rather than receiving.

What you need:
Construction paper
Child friendly scissors
Glue sticks
Markers or crayons
Any other arts & crafts supplies you may have

How to play:
Write the names of each child in your class on a piece of paper and place the names in a bag. Go around the room and let everyone pick a name from the bag without telling who they have. They then get to create a holiday gift for their new friend out of the arts & crafts supplies you provide. You can play some holiday music in the background and allow them as much time as you can to use their imaginations and create whatever they like! Let the kids know when they only have a few minutes left so they can finish up. Once time is up, let the kids find their friends and give their holiday gifts. While they are receiving something as well as giving, the focus is on creating something for someone else, not waiting to see what they will get in return.

Trip to a Winter Wonderland

What you need:
An imagination!

How to play:
Set up the kids yoga mats in a circle so everyone can face each other and tell them that today they are taking a trip to a winter wonderland and there is only one way to get there – sledding! So have everyone put on their imaginary snow gear, have a seat in the middle of their sled (their yoga mat) and then the top of the mat in their hands so they can steer. Up and over the snowy hills you go, stopping along the way to see all the winter animals and do yoga poses that match: penguins, snow owls, maybe even a reindeer! You can roll in the snow and make some snow angels and even have the kids make up their own snowflake pose. Remind them that no 2 snowflakes are alike, so use that imagination so everyone’s pose is different! Once you return it’s time for imaginary hot chocolate and a nice nap (savasana) by the fire.


Interested in learning even more yoga games and activities for kids, including pranayama, meditation & relaxation, partner poses and group poses? Check out our online course, Teaching Children’s Yoga!


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